Kim Yo Han gave viewers a glimpse inside his new home on KBS 2TV’s “Battle of the Musicians”!

On the May 23 episode of the new variety show, Kim Yo Han revealed his home for the very first time. The idol-turned-actor invited a few of his fellow cast members to his apartment, and comedienne Kim Sook was the first to arrive.


As he greeted Kim Sook at the front door, Kim Yo Han told her, “It hasn’t been long since I moved in.” He then sweetly suggested that she wear a pair of indoor slippers with cute cartoon characters on them (instead of a plainer pair), and the two castmates realized that they were both born in the year of the rabbit: Kim Sook in 1975 and Kim Yo Han in 1999.

Walking into the apartment, Kim Sook asked, “How many years have you lived on your own?” Kim Yo Han replied, “Actually, it’s only been a few months.” Seeing that he didn’t have much food in the house, Kim Sook thoughtfully remarked, “I should send you some food. Do you eat at home often?” Kim Yo Han shared that because of his packed schedule, he didn’t have much time to eat at home—but that he usually ate instant meals when he did.

As she toured the kitchen, Kim Sook was surprised to see that one of his refrigerators was entirely empty, commenting, “I’ve never seen a refrigerator like this before! I guess I’ll have to send a lot of food, in order to fill this up.”

Check out the clip of Kim Yo Han showing Kim Sook around his new apartment below!