Woo Seok’s Unboxing,’ a reality show where fans can watch and understand more about singer Kim Woo Seok’s daily life, will be released on May 6.

On April 25, the broadcast date of the first episode and official poster of “Woo Seok’s Unboxing” were posted on Seezn’s official Twitter account, along with the message “We invite you to Woo Seok’s daily life!”


The photos posted showed Kim Woo Seok hugging a gift box and giving off a fresh aura, with his dazzling beauty ready to melt fans’ hearts.

The singer shows off his charms as a “beautiful” man with black hair and white skin. His posture with his lips sticking out slightly and his hands on his chin all yell the word “cute”.


Upon hearing the news of the first episode, fans responded by saying, “I’m already looking forward to it,” “I want to see it quickly,” and “He’s truly lovely.”

The reality program ‘Woo Seok’s Unboxing’ offers a glimpse of the idol’s daily life. Prior to the first broadcast, the teaser will be released on April 29, and the episodes will be uploaded on the Seezn app at 6 PM KST every Wednesday and Thursday starting May 6.