Kim Woo Seok‘s first reality show teaser ‘Wooseok’s unboxing‘ has been released.


On April 29 a video was posted on SEEZN‘s official YouTube channel with title “[Wooseok’s unboxing] Announcing the first exclusive reality teaser for Kim Woo Seok’s life.”

The video describes Kim Woo Seok’s happy daily life with his dog. Earlier, through the live broadcast, Kim Woo Seok raised expectations when he revealed, “We can know the name of my pet dog on the reality show.” In addition, the sweet voice of Kim Woo Seok – who is singing with a microphone – also attracted the audience. Kim Woo Seok’s handsome visual is really outstanding.


Fans have shown reactions like “Want to see it quickly even for a day”, “Can you finally know the puppy name?”, “Just seeing it makes you feel really healing”


“Wooseok’s unboxing” will air its first episode through the SEEZN app on May 6.

Watch teaser below: