Kim Woo Seok and Lee Eun Sang will join hands in a new duet song titled ‘Memories’, scheduled to be released on October 14.


On October 7, Kim Woo Seok and Lee Eun Sang drew attention from fans by revealing photos of them together on their official Instagram. On Kim Woo Seok’s Instagram post, the idol sat next to his former fellow X1 member on a rooftop and looked up at the sky. At the same time, on Lee Eun Sang’s Instagram, photos of the two sitting and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a bright smile were uploaded.


In particular, the two left the date “201014” as hashtags for the posts, naturally hinting that the two will showcase a duet project together on October 14, creating a hot topic.


The first concept photos featuring Kim Woo Seok have also already revealed, in which the idol shows off a pure and refreshing visual. Lee Eun Sang’s concept photos are expected to be released soon.


Kim Woo Seok, who began his solo career with the first solo album ‘1ST DESIRE [GREED]’ in May, has been active in various fields, including music as well as entertainment and advertising, and has recently expanded his spectrum as an actor by playing the main character Hyunjin in the hot web drama ‘Twenty-twenty’.


Meanwhile, Lee Eun Sang, who successfully debuted as a solo artist with his first solo album ‘Beautiful Scar’ released in August, has since shown various charms through various contents. On October 24, he will hold his first online fan meeting ‘Beautiful Sky’ and have a special time with fans.


Many global fans are already paying keen attention to what kind of synergy the project between the two artists, who have built up their brother-like chemistry with extraordinary friendship. ‘Memories’ by Kim Woo Seok and Lee Eun Sang will be released on all online music sites at 6 PM KST on October 14.