Kim Min Kyu – who appeared on Mnet’s ‘ProduceX101’ – was also the one who self-declared isolation for COVID-19 prevention and ended the poster photography schedule for drama “Boy and Girl Straight Out of a Cartoon” (literal title).


According to Star News on April 15, Kim Min Kyu took a photoshoot of the poster “Boy and Girl Straight Out of a Cartoon” (literal title) with the main actors like Kim Do Yeon.

Previously, Kim Min Kyu had been diagnosed with Corona 19 and had time to self-isolated. Although it has not been more than 2 weeks, he is not subject to quarantine, so he is supposed to have implemented the schedule.

A representative of Jellyfish Entertainment said to Star News: “Kim Min Kyu at the time was not classified as being in contact with an infected patient, but was prevented and tested.” and “The test result is negative.”

On the other hand, the drama “Boy and Girl Straight Out of a Cartoon” (literal title) “is attracting expectations from the audiences because this is Kim Min Kyu’s first acting challenge work. The drama is the story of the chaos and whirlwind romance that occurs when Chun Nam Wook (played by Kim Min Kyu), the male protagonist of a long-running manhwa (Korean comic), steps into the real world. There, he crosses paths with high school student Han Sun Nyeo (played by Kim Doyeon), who happens to share the same face and name as the female protagonist of Chun Nam Wook’s manhwa. Kim Min Kyu is scheduled to appear in the first episode will air in June as Chun Nam Wook.