Solo singer Kang Daniel will share about the new album’s behind-the-scenes story on the radio show ‘Park Sohyun Love Game’!

Kang Daniel will participate in the radio show ‘Park Sohyun Love Game’ (SBS Power FM) aired on August 14 for the first time.


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In particular, Kang Daniel showed the image of a mature artist when participating in writing lyrics for 5 songs out of 6 songs in this album  ‘Magenta‘. The public is expecting to announce behind the scenes of the song ‘Wakes’, the behind-the-scenes story about the song with the voice of Simon Dominic and Jamie will be announced first.

In addition, Kang Daniel plans to introduce this album and tell more about the songs in the album.

It is expected that he will be able to talk about the predestined relationship between the artists who have collaborated with him on this broadcast.