SuperM Kai and Taemin appear in sleek and fierce-looking which like Gods in new teaser photos for their second track ‘Tiger Inside‘.


SuperM is preparing to release their second lead single “Tiger Inside” as they begin releasing teaser photos just as they have announced previously.

At the beginning of their promotion of “100“, the group announced they will be promoting with two lead singles prior to their full comeback album release later in September. On August 27th KST, SuperM began unveiling teaser photos of each member for their track “Tiger Inside”.


On August 28th KST, SuperM released the teaser photos of Taemin and Kai. The two members look striking as they show off their masculine and sexy charms. The two are seen wearing a semi-formal, yet sporty outfit in one photo and radiate their charisma through the camera.


The second lead track “Tiger Inside” will soon release on September st1 KST followed by the release of their full album ‘Super One‘ on September 25 KST. So stay tuned for more teasers to come until the official drop of SuperM’s album.

Stay tuned and wait for further information about their second lead track.