Despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the K-Pop entertainment industry is still quite busy in April 2020 with many exciting comebacks.

TVXQ Max Changmin – April 6, 2020


After 17 years working with countless achievements, the youngest member of DBSK – Changmin will officially release his first solo album on April 6, 2020, named ‘Chocolate’. Changmin is an SM idol with extremely powerful voice and impressive high notes. His experience accumulated over 17 years of working in the music industry makes fans really excited about this solo album.


Because he is a member of one of the legendary K-Pop groups, Changmin’s solo debut could not avoid the pressure. Changmin carries high expectations of the public, as everyone is waiting to see his unique features, his personal music. Changmin also confirmed to work with one of the most popular female solo artists now – Chungha for this comeback, so this is promised to be an “explosive” comeback.

(G)I-DLE – April 6, 2020


After many delays, (G)I-DLE officially set a date to return to the K-Pop race. The girls will “face off” with Changmin when their comeback is also on April 6, 2020. The group from Cube had previously confirmed to film the MV from February 18, 2020 and planned to return in mid-March 2020. However, due to the complicated situation of COVID-19 pandemic in Korea, (G)I-DLE rescheduled their comeback to early April 2020. Before the curiosity and eagerness of fans, (G)I-DLE has officially launched impressive teaser images.


(G)I-DLE will be returning with the third mini album called ‘I Trust’ with the title song ‘Oh My God’, written by leader So Yeon. The mini album consists of 5 songs, including the English version of Oh My God and the song which was taken to Queendom – ‘Lion’.

WINNER – April 9, 2020


After releasing the opening single ‘Hold’, WINNER received a lot of attention thanks to their unique family concept. Fans are looking forward to the boys’ official comeback on April 9, 2020 with their third full album named ‘Remember’ with the title track of the same name. ‘Remember’ consists of 12 songs, and all of the members are involved in the album production. More specifically, in this album there will be 2 solo songs by Jinwoo and Seung Hoon. This is a meaningful comeback for WINNER and the fans, because after this album, it will be long for the fans to be able to see the 4 members performing together on stage again.

Apink – April 13, 2020


Apink is the only 2nd generation girl group that is still active in music so far. The other 2nd generation groups such as SNSD, 2NE1, 4Minute, Kara… are either disbanded or being focused on members’ individual activities. The fact that Apink still makes regular comebacks with full members after 9 years of debut is a very impressive thing in K-Pop. This shows that the enthusiasm for music of each member is extremely strong, besides the hard work of Apink which also received a lot of praise from netizens, especially 2nd generation K-Pop fans.


Apink will officially return in April 2020, confronting new generation groups with their 9th mini album called ‘LOOK’. Apink has also released a teaser image showing their matured beauty.

GOT7 – The second half of April 2020


The most recently confirmed name to join the race in April 2020 is GOT7. JYP officially confirmed that the boys are preparing a new album, but the time of the comeback has not been set yet, probably in the middle or the end of April 2020. Last year, GOT7 has successfully held the GOT7 2019 World Tour Keep Spinning, and it was reported then that GOT7 would make a comeback after the world tour ended Fans hope that this comeback will help GOT7 improve their public recognition in South Korea.