The popularity of K-Pop has skyrocketed overseas, and K-Pop groups are quickly establishing their presence overseas. In fact, some groups are more popular in other countries rather than in their home country of Korea. Check out these groups that have a greater fanbase internationally.

Stray Kids

While Stray Kids initially gained interest from Korean netizens for being a self-produced group under JYP Entertainment, there are many more international Stays in comparison to Korean stays. However, with new releases “God’s Menu” and “Back Door,” Stray Kids has been extending their fandom both in Korea and overseas.


ATEEZ was able to gain international fame quickly, due to the reality show they filmed in the U.S before their debut. The group, which was initially promoted as KQ Fellaz on Youtube, is loved by fans worldwide.


EVERGLOW’s international success started with their debut song “Bon Bon Chocolate.” While their popularity in Korea is slowly rising, the group is still more popular overseas than in Korea.


One of the unique aspects of KARD is that they are a co-ed group, something rare in the K-Pop industry. U.S. fans were ecstatic to see a mixed-gender group and showed them a lot of support. While KARD is still relatively well-known in Korea, their fan base in Korea is no match for their international fan base.


MONSTA X is popular among international fans because of their more intense and dark concepts. MONSTA X does have a reputation in Korea, but they are more well-known for their physiques rather than their music.


Dreamcatcher instantly caught international fans’ eyes with their unique rock, nightmare concept — something very different from the typical girl crush or cute girl group concepts. They are especially popular in Europe and other parts of the West.


A.C.E’s talent has been widely recognized in Latin America, and the group has even toured there. However, they have yet to hit mainstream popularity in Korea.


While GOT7 was initially popular in Korea, the group’s popularity has declined with their newer concepts. The members themselves have expressed their insecurities about having a smaller Korean fanbase. Despite this, GOT7 is extremely popular overseas.