Broadcasting network JTBC has unveiled two new versions of their brand song, named ‘Colorful JTBC’, which are sung by TWICE and Crush.

The brand song has been applied to the new network reorganization since April 6. Along with the full versions of the brand song, a music video of TWICE’s version was also released.


‘Colorful JTBC’ was arranged by composer Lee Woo Min, and contains bright chorus which fits well with the nine members of TWICE. Crush, as a singer-songwriter, participated in the arrangement and singing as well. The R&B style’s calm vibe highlights Crush’s unique mellow tone perfectly.

The brand song has the same lyrics as the original song, which was written based on JTBC’s slogan ‘Your colorful pleasure’, but has been reborn as the brand song with a completely different feeling that shows the artists’ unique colors. TWICE’s version is mainly applied to entertainment and sports, while Crush’s version to dramas and current network videos. Also to be released are a behind-the-scene video of TWICE’s recording and a music video that combines JTBC’s flagship program.


In 2014, JTBC first released the brand song ‘Colorful JTBC’ with the voice of Jaurim’s vocalist Kim Yoon Ah. Beyond a simple brand song, it was an attempt to expand the channel brand experience beyond the visual identity of the network design shown on the broadcast screen. In the reorganization after that 4 years, the rocker Yoon Do Hyun, hip-hop musicians Yoon Mi Rae & Tiger JK, singer-songwriter Lee Jin Ah, rock band Peppertones, bandoneon player Koh Sang Ji, and talented girl group MAMAMOO made various changes to the song, creating six versions that showcase a variety of music genres. Including the brand song released this time, previous versions of the brand song can be found on JTBC’s website and JTBC’s Brand Design YouTube account.


The new brand song was linked to the reorganization of the channel network design. JTBC has been building an integrated image while effectively expressing each of its area by applying design elements derived from their logo form and colors to new unique shapes and colors, depending on the nature of each area, such as dramas, entertainment, culture and reporting.

In the reorganization, which took effect since April 6, the company expanded its color choices to make it more colorful, and expanded its logo as well as applied simple but impactful motion in response to various devices. The rich use of colors, motions, and applications of its own brand song will give viewers a ‘colorful pleasure’ not only in terms of content but also in terms of visual and auditory.