It’s been nearly a year since the release of ‘Kill This Love’, and BLACKPINK has yet to make an official comeback. Rumors about their international collaborations are also unclear. Therefore, Blinks (BLACKPINK’s fans) have been looking forward to YG Entertainment announcing the return of the girls in 2020. While waiting for a new product, fans are trying to make the old songs reach new achievements, including the song ‘SOLO’ by member Jennie. Recently, Jennie’s SOLO has reached 200 million streams on the international music platform Spotify, making the fans very excited.

Jennie’s ‘SOLO’ MV

Specifically, on April 1, Jennie’s ‘SOLO’ officially reached 200 million streams on Spotify, according to the system’s update. The song was officially released by Jennie on November 12, 2018, meaning that it took her nearly 1.5 years to reach this desirable milestone on the streaming service. ‘SOLO’ marked Jennie’s debut as a solo artist in 2018 and has created a huge buzz. The awards at music shows were constantly calling its name, as it bombarded the charts with rapidly increasing YouTube views, creating a strong impression for Jennie’s solo debut.

Jennie took nearly 1.5 years to reach the impressive milestone on Spotify.

This new achievement has helped her to become the first Korean female solo idol to surpass 200M streams on Spotify. ‘SOLO’ is also now the 2nd K-Pop solo act to reach this monumental number after PSY ‘Gangnam Style’. This proves that Jennie’s music is not only influential in Korea but also reaching out in the international market. Fans were so excited about Jennie’s new milestone that they trended many hashtags related to her and the song on Twitter. Let’s hope this achievement will be a motivation for Jennie to soon release her next solo hits.

Fans are excited for Jennie’s new achievement.