Z*ONE’s Honda Hitomi is making netizens’ jaws drop with her totally toned abs and figure! Back on April 17, Hitomi shared some updates with fans via IZ*ONE’s official Instagram account. 


The idol revealed graceful, lithe photos of her at a pilates studio, showing off her slim body line. 


Netizens commented, “Wow, I bet she’s 0% body fat and 100% muscle”, “Her abs are daebak TT”, “OMG I didn’t know Hitomi’s legs were that long”, “Hitomi’s body line is so graceful… but you’re eating properly right Hitomi TT”, “Wow those muscles… she’s not just bone skinny, she’s way healthier than I’ll ever be”, “Daebak, I wonder how much work it took to get those abs”, “That’s some serious self-care”, and more.