The music show ‘M Countdown‘ (Mnet) broadcast on the afternoon of June 18 hold a mini fan meeting of IZ*ONE (Kwon Kwon Bi, Miyawaki Sakura, Kang Hye Won, Choi Ye Na, Lee Chae Yeon, Kim Chae Won, Kim Min Joo, Yabuki Nako, Honda Hitomi, Jo Yuri, Ahn Yoo Jin, Jang Won Young).

That day, the members introduced their new album ‘Oneiric Diary‘ and the title track ‘Secret Story Of The Swan‘. In addition, IZ*ONE had time to answer WIZ*ONE’s questions (WIZ*ONE is the name of IZ*ONE’s fandom).


First, Ahn Yoo Jin read the question: “If you can do anything in illusion, what do you want to do with WIZ*ONE?”, “I want to move immediately to meet WIZ*ONE on worldwide,” she answered.

Next, the girl group chose Choi Ye Na to perform a part for this new song. Choi Ye Na showed a special aegyo while singing her part in the title track ‘Secret Story Of The Swan’. Not only that, but Kim Chae Won also answered to the question, “Please show a five-word about a fantasy story for WIZ*ONE” as “ (unbelievable).”

Finally, Kwon Eun Bi made fans laugh when sharing about the summer Bucket List that she wanted to do with WIZ*ONE: “I want to eat soybean noodles and watermelon as dessert”.


Watch mini fan meeting of beautiful girls below: