The group that won No.1 in the shortest time on the terrestrial television music show- ITZY was chosen as the cover for the July issue of NYLON magazine.

It has been a year and half since debut, ITZY has achieved many achievements from the beginning until now and made a good change. Recently, the members met at the studio to take photos and videos for the fashion magazine NYLON. They showed off their bright energy and performed all the costumes prepared that day in a special fashion style in front of the camera. It is known that the studio was filled with warmth thanks to ITZY – who showed talent in the two-color pictorial, hot and cold.


Through the interview, they shared their proudest achievement among the many established achievements. Member Lia shared her thoughts: “Until now, the debut record of ITZY on February 19, 2019, is still the proudest. After many years, I will still remember it forever”. Yeji shared, “Anyway, we had won the No.1 position in the shortest time on TV music show broadcasts.”

When asked about the final goal that ITZY wants to achieve in the future, Chae Ryung said, “The happiness of ITZY and MIDZY (ITZY’s official fan club)! I want to find happiness in the process of our flight, and the goal I want to reach as we fly is also happiness. There’s nothing more important than happiness.”.

In addition, pictorials and other interviews about ITZY can be found on Nylon’s July issue. The video will be published on NylonTV.