Girl group ITZY, the ‘monster rookie’ who became a trend right when they debut, will be joining this summer comeback battle.


According to a report by SpotvNews on June 22, ITZY is preparing for a comeback slated for late July. This means the girls will return to the K-pop scene about five months after their second mini-album ‘It’z Me’ released in early March.

However, their agency JYP Entertainment only confirmed half of the news, saying “ITZY is preparing for a comeback, and the exact schedule will be officially announced later.”

Earlier, ITZY has made three consecutive mega hits, from their debut song ‘DALLA DALLA’ released in February 2019 to ‘ICY’ and ‘Wannabe’. The recently released ‘Wannabe’ set an amazing record by topping the domestic music charts and winning eight music shows. In addition, the music video for ‘Wannabe‘ surpassed 100 million views, while the debut song ‘DALLA DALLA’ surpassed 200 million views on YouTube, drawing global attentions.

ITZY is expected to further prove their tile ‘The Biggest Trend in 2020’ with with the upcoming summer comeback. Expectations are growing as rumor has it that they have prepared an addictive song with strong performances to continue their series of hits.