Red Velvet sub-unit Irene, Seulgi proved their strong influence by making the debut album “Monster” on the Billboard chart at No.5.

According to the latest chart released by Billboard on July 14th (local time), Irene & Seulgi unit debut album “Monster” was ranked fifth on the Billboard World Albums chart. Irene & Seulgi made it to the chart for the first time.


At the same time, Red Velvet, which they belong to, remained at the top of the Billboard Social 50 chart on the same day. Red Velvet was also ranked fifth on the previous week’s chart.

The album’s title track “Monster” is impressive with its conceptual lyrics and intense sound. The stage also features colorful performances such as the decalcomania dance, energetic group dance, and bold point moves that maximize the unit’s charm, which is unique to Irene & Seulgi.

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“Monster,” which was released on the 6th, is receiving positive responses for its success in topping major music and music charts in Korea, topping iTunes Top Album Chart in 50 regions around the world, topping China’s QQ Music and Cugou Music Digital Album Sales Chart, and QQ Music’s Platinum Album.