Irene & Seulgi, a unit of girl group Red Velvet, expressed their feelings about each other and greeting fans through the ‘ Level Up Thrilling Project‘ conference.


The two singers shared their worries as they prepared the promotion for their new unit. Seulgi said shortly after the release of the highlight video that day, “It was fun while filming, and I think it will come out fun because the PD knows us well.” Irene added, “I was very worried. It’s because I’m only doing what I’m told to do. I was worried that the show would be short, but it was longer than I thought, so I didn’ If you don’t know us well, you can get rid of the scenes, but you know our characters well and make them come alive”.


On this day, Irene shared her feeling about preparing this unit promotion with Seuulgi saying, “I didn’t feel much different from before. However, I felt she had matured a lot since we got to talk more about work as we prepared this unit promotion. It was really nice to see that Seulgi had matured.”

Irene continued to express her fondness towards Seulgi saying, “Seulgi now feels like a real sister to me. Before she felt more like just a fellow member of Red Velvet but now she is a real sister to me.”

In response, Seulgi stated “Irene is also a real sister to me. I grew up with only brothers so I was oblivious to Irene’s considerations. But I began to feel that she is really my older sister as we promoted together since we were so young.” Seulgi continued to say, “I really feel her heart in the letters she writes and sometimes through the words she nonchalantly says. I really learned a lot from her and was able to mature“.

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The Level Up Thrilling Project, which was first unveiled on the 8th, is a spin-off version of the Level Up Project to commemorate the formation of Red Velvet’s first unit and will include Irene & Seulgi’s own small but precious daily-making project, which will also air simultaneously in Thailand.

Irene & Seulgi made their first public debut through their first mini-album “Monster” on the 6th. The title track of the same name album, “Monster,” tells the story of an immortal “Monster,” which enters the other person’s dream and makes them fall in love by dancing and playing. The heavy bass and powerful dubstep sound added to the relaxed yet charismatic vocals.