Talking about pets in the K-Pop idol world, surely the fans are familiar with the following “golden faces”, who may be just as famous as their owners.

If you are a fan of an idol group or an idol, you would definitely want to learn a lot about idols and especially what concerns idols’ interests. Among them, the idol’s pets are loved by fans, sometimes just as much as the idol.

Let’s take a look at these luckiest pets in the Korean entertainment industry.

Jennie and her famous dog Kuma

Fans are surely no strangers to their idols’ pets, including ‘Yeontan’ – BTS V’s very famous puppy, or Jennie‘s dog ‘Kuma’ whose photos have even been posted on a magazine with its mother, or Lisa’s cat who had a huge birthday party.


It can be said that Kuma is the most outstanding dog today because Jennie loves it deeply. It is the puppy featured on both Jennie’s magazines and promotional videos. Not only loved by its owner, Kuma is also favored by the brands.

Kuma and Jennie in a magazine

Recently, the puppy even had a whole pair of glasses named after it. Although fans are jealous of the dog so much, they also loves it a lot.

Yeontan and V’s photos were posted on Dispatch.
  The dog often appears on V’s livestreams.

Yeontan is the beloved dog of BTS V. This dog often makes an appearance in front of the media as V usually brings it to the airport. There are many female fans crying because V kissed Yeontan on the livestream.

TWICE Tzuyu’s famous puppy ‘Gucci ‘
Gucci poses with its mother.

In addition, fans are also jealous of Gucci – Tzuyu’s dog, as it is hugged everywhere. Although quite busy, whenever there is free time, the female idol from TWICE will takes her dog for a walk or upload cute pictures on her personal page.

EXO Sehun’s dog- Vivi

Talking about famous pets, one cannot ignore Vivi – EXO Sehun’s favorite dog. It is treated like a queen and often make an appearance on his livestream, as well as EXO’s shows.

Fans made a funny edit of Vivi sitting next to EXO Sehun, Baekhyun and Chen.

Among the cute pets, always listening to their owner, there are some pets which are very stubborn.

Dalgom – Jisoo’s dog doesn’t look amused at all.

Famous for these difficult-to-please pets is BLACKPINK Jisoo’s dog ‘Dalgom’. Despite being a top visual of K-Pop, Jisoo’s beauty is still not enough to attract Dalgom – the dog often does not look at its mother’s face, like it does not care.

Dalgom’s I-don’t-care face is hilarious.

Besides Jisoo’s dog, Lisa’s cats are tough pets, too. The cats can sometimes scratch her beautiful face. Typically, the cat ‘Leo’ is often hard to stay with its mother, but Lisa always cares for Leo, and it has now gained a lot of weight.

Lucas – one of Lisa’s cat – has a lot of photos on its owner’s Instagram account, which is followed by more than 31 million fans.
Leo is a stubborn cat of Lisa.