HyunA has published a travel diary with DAWN.

On May 17, HyunA uploaded a video titled “VLOG of HyunA’s Pension” to her YouTube channel.

HyunA went out at the Gangwon-do guesthouse with DAWN and acquaintances. HyunA grilled fish and shrimp skewers on the campfire as she smiled: “I don’t think it’s a good idea before eating but it’s a great idea”.

Next is grilled watermelon, potatoes, sweet potatoes and started the cute eating program. HyunA directly cooked soy bean soup and showed her excellent cooking talent.


That day, HyunA showed off her lovely charm by showing everyone her cheeks blushing after drinking makgeolli.

HyunA said, “We have decided to open a counseling center on YouTube.” She asked readers to record worries like school, career, office life, and friendships. “I want to give you good advice, but I’m worried if I can do it well.”

Therefore, HyunA practiced answering her worries with DAWN. One reader said, “I am a 17-year-old high school student. There is a lot of anxiety about the future. It is neither good nor bad, always in the middle. I don’t want to do anything, I feel frustrated.”

DAWN praised: “You are 17 years old but standing in the middle is a very good job”. HyunA also sympathized, “I want to say that, too.”

HyunA touched the reader by reading the confidences left on YouTube and said, “Hope everyone will resolve all of this.”

Netizens watched the video: “It’s good to see HyunA living healthy and smart,” “It’s good to see every word you say is so good.“…

On the other hand, HyunA and DAWN are dating publicly since 2018 and the two signed an exclusive contract with P-Nation in January last year.

Watch the travel diary of cute couple below: