Singer Hyolyn will join the comeback competition after confirming the release of her new album ‘SAY MY NAME’ in August.


According to OSEN’s report on the 7th, Hyolyn confirmed the release of her new song on August 19 and is working hard to prepare for her last comeback. Recently, the singer posted a cover video of Linda G‘s “LINDA” on her SNS account, drawing attention.

Hyolyn, who started anew as a solo singer in 2018, has established her own unique music world with a variety of music, including “Tomorrow,” “Dally,” “Wanna Go to the Sea,” and “BAE.”


In particular, she received the modifier “Summer Queen” for her colorful summer songs such as “Ma Boy,” “So Cool,” “Love You,” and “Touch My Body.” As she returns in the summer, expectations are high on what kind of cool music Hyo-rin will catch the public’s ears.