Huh Gak has released new profile photos in time for his comeback.

He’ll be coming back soon with “Without You“, and he’s released an album cover as well as new profile photos. The album cover shows the title of the song along with some abandoned headphones on the floor. The profile photos were taken with is new weight loss after he lost 30 kg (66 lbs).


Huh Gak is a South Korean singer and the winner of the Mnet talent competition series ‘Superstar K‘ 2 under Play M Entertainment. He is known as ‘The man who turned the tables’ and ‘The South Korean Paul Potts’. He has an identical twin named Huh Gong, who didn’t apply to ‘Superstar K’ 2 because he was concerned that the judges were prejudiced. Now he is also a singer.

“Without You” will be released on the 27th at 6PM KST.