Yoon Heeseok from boy group LIMITLESS expressed his intention to leave the team to have a normal life.


The idol posted on his SNS on May 24, “I am trying to live as a regular person named Yoon Heeseok from now on, not a LIMITLESS Yoon Heeseok.”

“You must have been very surprised, but I wanted to say this to my fans who have been worried about me since my last December activity,” he wrote. “I am truly grateful to everyone who has loved me so far.”

However, his agency denied it and said they was “confirming.”

An official from ONO Entertainment told StarNews, “We did not terminate our contract with Yoon Heeseok and he did not leave the team,” adding, “I am checking because I cannot contact him.”

Yoon Heeseok is a contestant from Mnet’s audition program ‘Produce 101 Season 2‘, which ended in 2017. He made his debut in 2019 with boy group LIMITLESS through the single album ‘Dream Play’.

While LIMITLESS has not been active since ‘Wish Wish’ was released in November last year, controversy over the privacy of member Jang Moon Bok has been raised and rumors of their disbandment have been circulating. The agency added that the hiatus was prolonged due to the planned Japanese activities, not because the group is disbanded.