GOLDEN CHILD Jaehyun conducted a photoshoot for 1st Look magazine in which he captures the eyes with his bright visual and positive energy.


1st Look 패완돌 TV is a YouTube program featuring fashionable idols, with the concept of “Fashion is all about Idol.” It is a project in which real pictorials and digital images are conducted simultaneously.


In the latest pictorial, GOLDEN CHILD Jaehyun played the concept of a prince of a strange country. The idol, who is usually interested in fashion, boldly challenged the concept of rather unconventional costumes, hair and makeup to complete a sensuous fashion pictorial. Rumor has it that all the staff at the scene were impressed by the free spirit of the model.


In an interview with 1st Look, Jaehyun shared, “I think it’s good to experience anything, and anywhere, if you have a chance. What I learned when I was young helped me a lot after my debut. Not everything is perfect. If I have time, I would like to challenge and learn more in various fields.”


The fashion pictorial, fashion films and digital videos are all available on 1st Look’s official SNS.