On the recent poll from Naver that circulated on various social media platforms, Korean netizens chose the K-pop female groups of all time, which debuted from 2007 up to 2020. There are 29 female idol groups who were selected and they were ranked through six levels, starting from the “unbreakable walls” of K-pop, to the entry-level or rising female groups.

1. The Four Unbreakable Walls

The highest groups in the hierarchy, these K-pop groups indeed give spectacular contributions, not only in the K-pop scene but as well as in the whole of Korea. The four groups that were listed are the biggest girl groups in history including Girls’ Generation, TWICE, BLACKPINK, and 2NE1 – which all groups came from the BIG 3 Entertainment including SM, YG, and JYP.


These groups undoubtedly paved the way for Hallyu to be known around the globe, contributed a lot to the current trends of music, and established a place in the fashion industry for other Korean acts.

2. The Untouchable

In this ranking, six groups were listed including KARA, T-ARA, WONDER GIRLS, Red Velvet, GFriend, and IZ*ONE.


Surely, the first three girl groups will always be remembered for their music spectrum that touched the majority of fans and netizens. Moving forward, the latter three groups received unrivaled recognition for their unique and own sound, not to mention how powerful their visuals, vocals, and dancing skills are.


Despite any generation changes, they are just undefeated, and the group that can only beat them is themselves.

3. The Renowned

For the renowned group, top K-pop groups including SISTAR, f(x), Apink, MAMAMOO, OH MY GIRL, (G)I-DLE, and ITZY are listed in this level. These K-pop groups are always notable and have the power to pull fans to stan them.


Their genres and concepts are always unpredictable, which you can say these groups are truly versatile groups.

4. The Established

These K-pop girl groups such as 4Minute, AOA, LOONA, Dreamcatcher existed and have existed for a long time, that they may not be under the same level of the unbreakable or untouchable, but you can say that they are inimitable. They have a defined sound and image that only they can pull.


In addition to this, their popularity to the general public is no joke as well, most of these groups are appreciated the most in international countries.

5. The Popular

The current all-time popular girl groups according to netizens are, EXID, MOMOLAND, CLC, Girl’s Day, and WJSN. These groups mostly started from being underrated, not until they released their hit songs that dominated the music scene. Examples include EXID’s “Up and Down,” MOMOLAND’s “Bboom Bboom,” and “Girls’ Day “Something.”


Indeed, K-pop enthusiasts admire them and enjoy their music suiting a particular person’s song preferences that even non-K-pop fans enjoy.

6. The Entry-Level/Rising

Based on Naver which has more than 28 Million daily visitors, Korean netizens selected LOVELYZ, DIA, and Rocket Punch as the entry-level or rising K-pop female groups. In particular, these groups are recognized, but they have still a lot to offer and to show in the music scene. The listed groups are yet to unveil their full potential at their golden time.