Girl group GFRIEND announced that they will make their comeback on November 9 with the 3rd full album ‘回:Walpurgis Night’.


GFRIEND announced the release of their next full-length album ‘回:Walpurgis Night’ through the global fan community platform Weverse and their official fancafe.

The comeback comes four months after their 9th mini album ‘回:Song of the Sirens’ released in July, and a year and 10 months after their 2nd full-length album ‘Time for Us’ released in January last year.

‘回:Walpurgis Night’ is set to be the final installment of the ‘回’ series, which is a compilation of GFRIEND’s growth narrative, and is an attempt at a new look that they have never done before.

In particular, ‘回:LABYRINTH’ heralded the prelude to change, ‘回:Song of the Sirens’ showed a definite change, and now, ‘回:Walpurgis Nigh’ will mark that peak of change.


Following the previous work, the company will continue to collaborate with the Big Hit Super Producer Corps, as well as further expansion of GFRIEND members’ participation in the album to confirm their growing musical capabilities.

As GFRIEND has shown solid storytelling and irreplaceable performances since their debut, attention is already being paid to what new aspects they will show through this comeback.

Pre-orders for the album ‘回:Walpurgis Night’ are scheduled to begin on October 19, and details can be found later on Weverse and their official fan cafe.