The new song ‘Apple‘ by girl group G-Friend has been revealed.

At 6 pm (Korean time) on July 13, through digital music sites, G-Friend released a new mini-album ‘Song of the Sirens‘.

The title song, ‘Apple’, is a pop song with an outstanding vocal based on a trendy soundtrack added to retro. Eunha and Yuju participated in composing the music, the melody was so addictive that it was easy to sing along with the enchanting voices of the 6 members showing fresh musical efforts.


Through ‘Apple’, the girl group showed the breakthrough change with a new concept that had never been seen before. The performance was also completed with a sexy concept – the theme of the song. The group showed off an image of a strong woman opening up her new life.

The bold makeup and powerful choreography that has never been seen on stage will bring a new attraction through the mysterious performance containing the image of the witch.


Watch the music video below: