Seolhyun (AOA) has been revealed a few new photos with diverse charms by her manegement agency FNC.


On April 20, FNC Entertainment released Seolhyun‘s new profile photos. In the new published photos, Seolhyun showed off her natural charm and unique existence. She wears natural makeup and is drawing attention with a clear facial expression. Besides, the deep eyes and gestures have added a special attraction. Seolhyun is showing a professional look when posing with diverse images. In particular, when she wearing the white suit, it shows her elegance and when wearing white T-shirts and jeans, it feels clean and comfortable.


Seolhyun – who is active in music and acting activities – has received positive reviews when she played the role of Han Hee Jae in the movie Friday, Saturday ‘My Country’ (JTBC) had just finished airing.