Singer Lee Hyo Ri made a meaningful promotion through special fashion.

On April 20, Lee Hyo Ri uploaded to her Instagram some of photos taken with a variety of shoes. She has shown that the style is both comfortable and sophisticated when combining different shoes in many costumes. Lee Hyo Ri posted the photos with a caption: “The shoes that the deaf work hard to make. So beautiful ~^^”


In fact, Lee Hyo Ri has shown her fashion style with a variety of styles such as Lofer combined with Denim, Slingback combined with sportswear, and Sandel combined with One Piece. In particular, as he said, the meaning of the shoes created by the deaf is also very good. She not only shows a variety of fashion styles as a fashionista but also wears shoes that have good meaning and influence. Member Sung Yuri (Fin.K.L) left a comment: “The pure Hyo leader”. Comedian Hong Hyun Hee also left the words “You’re the best” and raised her thumb. The public also sent messages of praise to Lee Hyo Ri, who promoted with good meaning.

Recently, she became a hot topic when she continued to update on SNS. Lee Hyo Ri and her husband Lee Sang Soon (MBC) appeared on the “Hangout with Yoo” program and raise expectations about forming a music group with Yoo Jae Suk.

In addition, Lee Sang Soon signed an exclusive contract with ESTeem entertainment company to announce that he will be officially operating. It is not known what they will meet the public with, but the expectations are high.

Lee Hyo Ri is the focus of the topic if only doing anything from performance to fashion. The public is applauding her good influence.