Sharing a picture of her childhood, Ji Yeon (T-ARA) and her father unexpectedly became the focus of attention!


Recently, the Korean media was attracted by the beauty of the childhood of singer and actress Park Ji Yeon (T-ARA) and her father. Specifically, the Herald Pop published an article titled, “Jiyeon owns a beautiful appearance thanks to her father’s genes?” A picture of her childhood with her handsome father revealed.

Park Ji Yeon and her father

It is known that through personal Instagram, the 1993-born star posted this picture with the emoticon “♥”. In the public photo, the audience, as well as the fans, can see the cuteness of Ji Yeon. In particular, his handsome, warm appearance really became the focus of attention. Many Korean netizens commented that Ji Yeon’s father owns the same appearance as the famous actors like Bae Jung Nam, Won Bin, and singer Oh Jong Hyuk.

Bae Jung Nam
Won Bin
Oh Jong Hyuk