Jae from boy band DAY6 has made a public apology after publicly expressing discontent with his agency JYP Entertainment.


Jae posted another post on his SNS account on June 30, saying, “I just had a conversation with the company again, and I think there were many misunderstandings.” He apologized, “I’m sorry to worry you about my writing. What I wanted to express was my personal problem with the company. It has nothing to do with the members. I didn’t even think this would escalate into a feud with the members. I’m sorry for causing you concern because of my short thoughts.”

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JYP Entertainment, the agency in question, also told media outlets on the same day that, “The company and the member worked out the misunderstanding between each other through dialogue. We will be careful not to let this happen again.”

Earlier, Jae publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the agency through his Twitter, sparking controversy.