DAWN treated his fans to a glimpse of his toned physique! On April 18 KST, he took to Instagram to share some casual behind-the-scenes photos of himself in what appears to be a dressing room. In addition to posting two photos that show off his six-pack abs, the singer piqued fans’ curiosity by writing in the caption, “0.”


Referring to Dawn-HyunA is to immediately remember the “unique” couple of Kpop idol world. As the first 2 stars to dare to openly date and show love without hesitation, HyunA and hereally opened a new path for idols and smashed prejudice. Dating “. Up to now, 4 years after starting the relationship and nearly 2 years since officially publicizing with everyone, the idol couple is still as passionate as the first day.


Recently, Dawn-HyunA fans were constantly stirring about the clip giving Valentine gifts to the lovely boyfriend of the “sexy queen”. Hyuna is really a girlfriend who takes care of preparing the gift of a silver ring for Dawn and suddenly gives a male idol. No need to be fancy or flashy, Hyuna’s romantic act for her lover makes people jealous of him, because of her cute and delicate girlfriend.