Cube Entertainment will open global fanpage ‘U CUBE’.


On April 17, through the official SNS channel, Cube Entertainment announced the new of opening the global fanpage ‘U CUBE’.

‘U CUBE’ has functions such as multilingual automatic translation service on platforms for fans all over the world, an automated system for public broadcast subscriptions etc.

In particular, the company is expected to actively use the chat window between artists and fans and promote connections with foreign fans who could hardly use the fancafe during the overtime.

‘U CUBE’ will provide an international fan page for Cube Entertainment singers and idols such as Jo Kwon, Jang Hyun Seung, BTOB, CLC, Pentagon, Lai Kuanlin, Yoo Sun Ho, (G) I-DLE. Actors and comedians will not use fanpage.

Cube Entertainment said, “We will try to best to make Cube’s artists and their fandom become an important space to create memories through the official global fanpage that can communicate and sympathize with each other more easily and simply “.

‘U CUBE’ will be operational in the beta test from today until May 22nd and is expected to launch the mobile application later.