CHERRY BULLET Ji Won is the next idol to serve as an advertising model for beverage brand Gong Cha as she joined SF9 Rowoon in a recent advertisement.

Ji Won was recently selected as a video advertisement model for Gongcha Korea, a global tea drink brand. The idol, along with SF9 Rowoon, appeared in a Gongcha commercial and showed warm chemistry between a senior and a junior.


In the two versions of the ads released, the female artist appears as mango girl with Rowoon as yogurt boy. Ji Won joined forces with a free-spirited dance in a street background. Her fresh yet refreshing look is shown as she portray a game character who plays against Ro Woon in the gym.

The CHERRY BULLET member made her face known by appearing in various commercials and music videos, such as working as a school uniform and outdoor brand model, even before her official debut.