Changmin won the No.1 position in the chart “The most expected comeback in April of idols” conducted by “IDOLCHAMP“.


Idol mobile app “IDOLCHAMP” organized to vote for “The most anticipated comeback in April of idols” from March 30 to April 13. The total number of votes is about 200,000 votes. Among the nominated idols such as (G) I-dle, Oh My Girl, Hangyul & Do Hyun, Changmin and GOT7, …, Idol occupies the No.1 position is Changmin. He showed his popularity unchanged with the vote rate of 34.83%.

It is known that the title song “Chocolate“released on April 6 of the first mini album is a song of the pop dance genre that clearly expresses the vocal range, from the low voice to the high voice of Changmin, and he also especially participate in writing lyrics. Responding to expectations, right after its release, it not only ranked No. 1 on the country music chart, but also showed its contribution when climbing to No. 1 on the iTunes Album Chart of 8 countries including Japan, Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia.


In this chart, H&D – the group that debuted with the mini album Soulmate – took second place with a vote rate of 34.83%. Similarly, this release of CRAVITY and Apink have been ranked behind. Voting results can be checked on Global Halluy Community KstarLive.

On the other hand, IDOLCHAMP will vote with the theme “The solo race of 2020, the best solo Idol I have selected” until April 30. Candidates include Kang Daniel, Suho (EXO), Changmin (TVXQ), Kim Jae Hwan, who released their solo albums in 2020 and especially the top idol who voted to be placed advertising board at Gangnam station.