Recently, Changmin, member of the legendary group TVXQ, officially participated in the K-Pop 2020 race with a new role, a solo artist. Debuting as Max (his common stage name), his song ‘Chocolate‘ quickly captured the fans’ heart not only by the music but also by the mature and attractive concept.


In order to promote the song, Changmin participated in varios weekend music shows. And after the singer performed in MBC’s Music Core with Chani (SF9) as the MC, netizens unexpectedly dug up an old picture of Changmin posing with Chani from 10 years ago. What surprised Knet the most was that Changmin now doesn’t look a day older than him in the picture.

The picture was taken in 2007.

On the recent Music Core show, picture of Changmin and Chani appearing together was quickly captured by netizens. Interestingly, they also discovered that the two had taken a picture long before, in which Changmin was holding Chani in his arms. This photo is believed to date from 2007, which means more than a decade ago. And when comparing the two photos, Knet was surprised at the age-defying beauty of the TVXQ member. Many left comments about the fact that he did not seem to age in the past decade.

The two in MBC’s Music Core 2020.

With the same smile, despite the more attractive style, Changmin doesn’t seem to have changed much overall. Knet said that time must have “forgotten” Changmin. Here are some of Knet’s comments on the two pictures of the idol:

“That picture is Chani playing with DBSK. It was taken in 2007. Changmin’s beauty is no joke.”

“Those who are not real Changmin fans may think that the photo was taken 4-5 years ago. If not looking at the style, it is difficult to recognize as Changmin still looks so great.”


“Is Changmin aging in reverse, or am I the only one getting older?”

“Wow, more than 10 years, Changmin doesn’t look much different.”

“Changmin even looks more attractive now, a decade is nothing for his beauty.”

“It is unbelievable, Changmin always attracts us whether it is 10 years ago or at the present.”

“He is always youthful like that, how can a person not age for more than a decade?”