Netizens are amazed by the production value of BTS‘ latest MV.

On June 28 KST, an online community forum discussed how the set for BTS’ ‘Stay Gold‘ was built manually inside a physical studio without the use of computer graphics. The writer of the post expressed, “Wow, I really thought that it was CG. The making process seems unbelievable…


Other netizens in the comments section shared similar sentiments, as one writes: “Wow…I can’t believe they built everything from scratch. It’s a shame not to use it more than once.. I wish they would make it permanent so that people can visit it like a tourist attraction.


Meanwhile, fans of BTS revealed that the group was already well-known for not using computer graphics in their MVs. One ARMY wrote, “They are famous for not using CGs…Still, I thought this time around it was CG…But…I had also forgotten that the pile of clothes from ‘Spring Day‘ MV was also real LOL


Also, this GIF (below)…can you believe that this part wasn’t CG?


The fire and the car in ‘Fire‘ MV are all real, too!


According to the netizens, the flowers used in “Stay Gold” MV are real plants. Although crowds figure that the staff members “had a hard time” building those sets, the end results seem to be pleasing to many viewers!

Watch MV of BTS’s ‘Stay Gold’ again below: