Lotte Chilsung Beverage announced on May 14 that they has selected BTS as the advertising model for their product Chilsung Cider.

Chilsung Cider, the first Korean soda to celebrate its 70th anniversary this year, plans to carry out various marketing activities, which will provide a clear and clean sense of refreshment in collaboration with boy group BTS.


The first advertisement video featuring BTS will be released on Lotte Chilsung Beverage’s official SNS channel on May 15 at 7:07 PM – seven stars symbolizing Chilsung Cider, which marks the 70th anniversary of its launch, and seven members of BTS.

The video plans to maximize expectations and curiosity by showing the appearance of BTS, the new face of Chilsung Cider, along with a scene that brings out the unique freshness of the drink.

The beverage brand will introduce their new products, blue tangerine and peache, for the first time in 70 years through a commercial with BTS at the forefront. The collaboration between Chilsung Cider, which attempted a transformation in 70 years by introducing blue tangerine and peach flavor preferred by men and women of all ages, and global superstar BTS, which fascinated people around the world, is expected to attract a lot of consumers’ attention.

An official of Lotte Chilsung Beverage said, “BTS, who has grown into the world’s best artist with their outstanding skills, sincere communication and independent worldview, will breathe new life into the brand image of Chilsung Cider, which has been giving consumers a thrilling sense of refreshment for 70 years.”