BTS’s Jimin‘s hobbies has been revealed.


On the afternoon of April 16, KB Kookmin Bank through YouTube Channel announced a video titled ‘Liiv M X BTS – Jimin’s Hobby Interview by KB Kookmin Bank‘.

In the video, Jimin conducted an interview about his hobbies in the form of a ‘telepathy test’ to confirm his identity with the fans.


On the topic of ‘Vest or Casual’ Jimin chose the vest “Maybe the mood will be better when wearing a suit” he said.

About “Dance or Ballad”, “Although I’m closer to the ballad, the dance is more fun and I like more” he shared.

Regarding ‘Guitar or Piano’, Jimin got a little confused “Both are great” and thought and chose ‘Piano’.

The topic ‘At Home or Going Out’ he said: “I prefer to travel around rather than being locked in a room”. Among them, ‘Morning or Evening’, he shared, “Time spent alone after the end of the schedule comparing to the early morning, I like the evening more.”

Also, in ‘Theme Park or Zoo’, he chose ‘Zoo’. The topic ‘Backpacking tourism or group tourism’ has chosen ‘Backpacking’. ‘Fresh day or rainy day’ has chosen ‘Fresh day’.

On the other hand, BTS has been promoting ads for KB Kookmin Bank since February 2018.

Watch the Jimin’s interview below: