Bolbbalgan4 continues releasing second teaser photos for “Atlantis Princess” for the celebration of BoA’s 20th anniversary, showing her lovely beauty and drawing attention.


Bolbbalgan4 is preparing to release her cover of BoA‘s “Atlantis Princess” as she unveils the second teaser photos. Bolbbalgan4 is participating in the special project to celebrate BoA‘s twentieth anniversary.

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She will be the second artist to cover one of BoA’s signature songs after Baekhyun sang “Garden in the Air”.

In the teaser photos, Bolbbalgan4 stands in color lights as she sings in front of a standing mic. She is singing wearing the same white dress from her first teaser photos and vibes of the innocent, girly look.

There will be more teasers to come so stay tuned for updates!