Bolbbalgan4 said they had cleared up misunderstandings and there will be no legal actions with the People’s Party candidate Kim Geun Tae, who spread the unfounded truth that Bolbbalgan 4 was involved in the manipulation of illegal digital music rankings – accusations of defamation of honor.


On April 21, through the official stance, management company Shofar Music said: “On April 20, we had a meeting with the candidate Kim Geun Tae of the People’s Party. Kim had chosen a number of special OST songs performed by Bolbbalgan4 that are believed to be related to the operation on the digital music chart. This OST has proven that the group has been invited to join and all artists of our company have no right to receive copyright and ownership, promotion and marketing rights. Therefore, we have clearly confirmed that the manipulation of music charts and litigants are not related to each other. “

In addition, candidate Kim Geun Tae said, “We apologize for misleading the subjective way of manipulating the media through the press during a press conference.”


Following that, the company and its affiliated artists emphasized: “We would like to remind you once again that not only anyone in the company has ever tried to create digital music charts of any kind, but also never asked companies to compose music or communicate with each other. ” Finally, “The plan is that we will no longer carry out civil legal measures against candidate Kim.”