Park Kyung from boy group Block B, who publicly fueled the controversy over ‘sajaegi’ – chart manipulation – in the entertainment industry, will be sent to the prosecution on charges of spreading false information.


The Seongdong Police Station in Seoul said on June 17 that they have concluded that Park Kyung spread false information and will hand the case over to the prosecution with the opinion of indictment without detention. The idol is accused of defamation by timely falsehood of information and communication methods.

“We have confirmed that the police will send Park Kyung to the prosecution,” Park’s agency Seven Seasons said on June 17. “We will sincerely cooperate with the investigation in accordance with the prosecution’s investigation procedures.”


Earlier, in November last year, Park Kyung posted a message on his Twitter account saying, “I want to manipulate the chart like Vibe, Hwang In Wook, Lim Jae Hyun, Jang Deok Cheol, Song Ha Yeh, Jeon Sang Geun.”

The waves of controversy after the post grew uncontrollably. Park Kyung’s agency, KQ Entertainment (Seven Seasons), apologized and he deleted the article, saying, “I did not intend to defame a specific person and made a statement about the current music charts,” adding, “I caused inconvenience to the people involved with direct and harsh expressions.” However, singers whose real names were mentioned expressed displeasure towards Park Kyung.

In the same month, Vibe denied that they had committed any criminal acts called chart manipulation and sued Park Kyung for violating the Information and Communication Network Act, including defamation based on false facts, while Song Ha Ye and singer Lim Jae Hyun’s producer 2soo also filed a complaint on the same charges. In addition, the agency of Jeon Sang Geun, Jang Deok Cheol and Hwang In Wook also warned him by a strong response.


However, Park Kyung, who was notified of his enlistment in the military in January, appeared to be actively involved in the police investigation, saying, “I applied for a delay because I wanted to be sincere in the investigation.” He was questioned twice in January and March.

Park Kyung-eun’s indictment was decided to be without detention, but some netizens are criticizing the ruling as unfair. Even before Park Kyung’s remarks, suspicions were constantly raised in the music industry about chart manipulation, and since the issue surfaced, many artists including rapper DinDin, Mommy Son, singer Sung Si Kyung and BTS Jin have also recognized the facts and made their remarks.

Upon hearing Park Kyung’s news, they left comments saying, “The truth will be revealed,” “I support you,” and “It was a secret fact.”