KNetz recently opened up an article in order to find out who is the male and female idol with the most trendy face, with BLACKPINK Jennie and Stray Kids Hyunjin respectively chosen.


The article quickly rises a hot topic in Korea with now reaching move than 58K views.


As stated, both of the idols have short jaws, hip atmosphere, stylish and well-dressed. Another thing in common between these two is considered as their cool vibe for first expressions. They could be the member with the coldest eye and most intimidating vibe in the group but then quickly changing to the innocent and soft side real quick.

BLACKPINK Jennie is the group’s main rapper with the amazing rap skill and the ability to spit fire every time she showcases her talent in BLACKPINK’s songs.

However, her off-stage version is totally a different person just like the nickname Blinks often call her as “Mandu” because of her cute chubby cheeks. She’s also a sweet one with great cooking skill that she usually takes care for the members.


For Hyunjin, he’s in charge of the lead rapper, main dancer and visual of Stray Kids, with the unavoidable charisma that could catch everyone’s eye at first sight.

Being called as the group’s “Drama queen” for his dramatic and over-reaction towards any things, Hyunjin off-stage is a dorky boy and sometimes silly but a determined person who always tries hard to achieve his goal.

But indeed, Hyunjin is just a 2000-born idol with the cute smile and perfect charisma.


According to the comments. Jennie and Hyunjin and have the high class kind of visual that no matter what they wear, they still look fashionable and trendy as top brand clothes.


“Their jawline is fineee!”

“Jennie is really unique and pretty”

“Wow! I’m admiring every single picture of Jennie”

“Hyunjin is now popping off here congrats! And Jennie yes, totally agree”

“Both of them looks to intimidating at the same time innocent. What is this???? I’m done with life”

“I agree with Jennie, her visual is always talked about by everybody. And Hyunjin is very handsome”