BLACKPINK Jennie has chosen member Jisoo as the member she would live as for a day on ‘Blue Room Live‘.

On the June 30th episode of BLACKPINK’s ‘Blue Room Live‘ streaming on Twitter, fans asked the girl group members, “If you could live as a different member for a day, who would you live as and why?”


Blackpink Jennie responded, Jisoo is older than me. I want to try eating three dishes in the morning like her. Today, Jisoo unni ate seolleongtang, kimchi dumplings, and kimchi fried rice.” Rosé also picked Jisoo, adding, “I wish I could think about Jisoo unni’s jokes all day.” 

As for Jisoo, she shared, “Rosé. Even if I learn to play a musical instrument, I couldn’t play like Rose. I want to strum something one day.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has made their comeback with the pre-release single ‘How You Like That’, and broken their own record to become the only group reaching almost 100 million views for less then 24 hours in the first day with the music video.

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