Despite her powerful charisma on stage, BLACKPINK Jennie is a girl with many funny and cute facial expressions that were captured and became memes for K-Pop fans.

If you didn’t know, memes are photos that Internet users create based on hilarious moments of other people and spread on social networks. The frequent targets of them are often the celebrities.

 Jennie with her adorable face is becoming the new meme queen of K-Pop fans.

Recently, a few K-Pop idols have become living sources of memes in the fans’ eyes. and a lot of their memes are extremely popular on many platforms. our girl from BLACKPINK, Jennie, is one of them.

“I smiled, now give me some candies!”

Jennie’s memes are everywhere on social networks

Dubbed one of the idols with the most fascinating charisma every time she steps onto the stage, with eye-catching appearance that make the audience unable to look away, Jennie is now the “funny saint” for fans.

“Disappointed but not surprised.”
“So what? Wanna fight?”

Across forums, her photos appear everywhere, but the photos posted are mostly funny moments. They are images captured by fans on videos such as BLACKPINK House, Vlive or BLACKPINK activity diaries.

Even Jennie has a moment like this.
Every time another K-Pop group announces their comeback, BLINKs drop this picture of Jennie wiping away tears, as BLACKPINK hasn’t released anything new for more than a year.

Instead of posting a picture of themselves to expresses their mood, fans will post an image of Jennie that fits the emotions, without any word. At first the memes were spread only among BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fans), but now they are being used even by non-fans.

Is posting idol memes a ridiculous thing?

With Jennie’s popularity in the K-Pop community, she has big influences on many thing, from music to fashion, so it’s understandable why many non-fans use her photos this way.

“When you see your crush being happy with somebody else.”
“This scene makes me sick.”

Memes like these have both positive aspects and negative aspects towards an idol. Maybe many viewers will find them funny, which increases the popularity of the idol, but there are also many people who find them offensive.

This expression represents love, pride…
“Who am I? Where are we?”

From the perspective of social network users, idols’ memes are funny pictures, but for some people, they are a bad joke. How about you? What do you think about these hilarious photos?