Following the recent release of BLACKPINK‘s first full-length album main track, “Lovesick Girls,” the idol group’s cordi receives immense criticism from Korean netizens and K-pop fans for Jennie’s sexy nurse outfit in the music video.

On Saturday, Knetizen expressed their disappointment and negative feedback to BLACKPINK’s fashion cordi through various social media platforms. On a Korean online community, a netizen posted how crazy Jennie’s nurse attire, which only appeared for a few seconds in the whole “Lovesick Girls” Music Video.

In the MV, main rapper Jennie flaunts her visual wearing nurse attire, partnered with red high heels, showing part of her thigh. According to the netizen who posted the photos,

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“Please consider the events YG, this is going to end up being a problem for frontliners,” pertaining to the nurses and medical staff who are fighting against the current pandemic.

As soon as the post circulated online, various Korean netizens agreed how problematic the costume is, throwing criticisms to BLACKPINK cordi.

According to a netizen, “Why are they always trying to cosplay nurses? Representing workers such as nurses and flight attendants like this, will only hurt their reputation,” suggesting that a doctor’s gown or pants would still look good if Jennie will be the one to wear it.

Jennie even received some hateful comments from K-netizens, thus, fandom of BLACKPINK, Blinks, came over to rescue.

“This is problematic, but this is not the idol’s fault. It’s the company and cordi’s fault.” Meanwhile, another post made it worse for BLACKPINK’s cordi, as netizens share that this is not the first time Jennie’s outfits are overdone, according to K-Netz.

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On the idol group’s MV for “Ice Cream,” Jennie appeared with a cute outfit, wearing a crop top and light blue skirts. According to the netizen, BLACKPINK’s outfit just keeps on getting weirder and weirder.

However, the whole fandom and supporters of the group defend the members and their cordi.

“It is a summer concept, do you expect them to wear jackets?” said a fan.

“You are crazy, is it a crime to wear short skirts and crop tops?”

Several K-pop enthusiasts express how they are frustrated with the double-standards happening in the music scene.

“All of you are criticizing women who rarely show some skin, but when men K-pop idols are half-naked, you are all swooning over them.”

Amidst the criticism, the fandom is dedicated to supporting the girls all out for their bop comeback. On Friday, BLACKPINK dropped their first full-length album, The Album,” and its much-awaited title track, “Lovesick Girls.” Fans are able to get an iconic collaboration as well with international artist Cardi B x BLACKPINK, on a side track titled, “Bet You Wanna.”

The MV, which was released on October 2 at 1 PM KST, became the fastest MV of a K-pop female artist to surpass 10 Million Views within less than an hour. BLACKPINK also broke a record as the first-ever K-pop female group to reach 1 Million stock pre-order.

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The world-renown K-pop idol group is undoubtedly set to make outstanding and excellent recognitions for the following weeks of promotion for their much-anticipated major return.