Big Hit Entertainment has released an official statement to apologize for the inclusion of a Jim Jones’ speech in ‘What do you think’, a song in the mix tape of BTS Suga.


“The vocal sample of the introductory speech of Suga’s mixed tape ‘D-2’ was selected by the producer who worked on the track of the song without any particular intention, considering the atmosphere of the entire song,” Big Hit said in a news conference on May 31.

“After selecting a vocal sample for the speech, the company proceeded with the process of verifying the adequacy of the contents according to the internal process. However, there was a mistake in the selection and inspection process which led to the inclusion of a part without recognizing that it was inappropriate in content. Big Hit is always checking the contents that can be socially, culturally, and historically problematic through our own process of examining various contents, but we experience limitations in understanding all situations and are responding accordingly. In this case, we did not recognized in advance, and there was a lack of understanding of historical and social situations related to this. We apologize to those who have been hurt or feel uncomfortable by this,” they added.

Finally, Big Hit Entertainment said, “After confirming the problem, we immediately deleted the issue and replaced it. We’re embarrassed and deeply responsible for the problems that the artist himself has not thought about.”


Recently , the sampling written in the intro of Suga’s mixtape ‘D-2’ released on May 22 has drawn attention. In the intro of ‘What do you think’, the voice of the late James Warren “Jim” Jones’ speech, recorded in 1977, was used. The voice said, “though you are dead, yet you shall live, and he that liveth and believeth shall never die”.

Jim Jones is a cult leader in the 1950s of the American People’s Temple. He is known to have caused the so-called ‘Johnstown Massacre’ in the 1970s, when he moved a number of colored believers to South America and forced them to poison themselves, killing more than 900 peoples.

Some said that it was somewhat inconvenient for Suga to use the speech as a sampling. On the other hand, some argued that such an issue itself was an unreasonable argument to undermine Suga. As ‘What do you think’ is a song that criticizes the behavior of malicious people who make groundless accusations, Suga responded by quoting Jim Jones’ speech in which he lured and slaughtered believers with sophistry.