Jongup of B.A.P has shared news about his solo debut! On April 21, the artist revealed a first teaser image for his upcoming release and announced that it is due out on May 7. It was confirmed last year that after signing with a new agency, Jongup has been working on his solo debut album.


Ahead of his solo debut, Jongup announced earlier this month that his fan club name is “MOONW4LK” and his official colors are royal blue and black.

Jongup debuted in 2012 as a member of B.A.P and he’s shown his songwriting skills by penning tracks including “Now,” “Photo,” “Try My Luck,” and “Annoying.”


On November 21, 2019 The Groove Company announced, “We’ve signed an exclusive contract with Jongup recently. We will be giving him our total support to make sure Jongup can show his talents in many more places.

They continued to add, “Jongup has unlimited potential when it comes to dancing, singing, producing, and many other areas, so we’re happy to be signing an exclusive contact with him. Please give Jongup your love and anticipation as he grows as a solo artist.


Through the agency, Jongup said, “I am greeting you as solo artist Jongup. I hope to greet you in the future in a variety of ways through music, performances, and acting. I want to thank the fans who have always believed in me and waited for me.