ATEEZ will appear in the upcoming KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank‘,which will air in the afternoon of April 17, to greet fans with a special stage that has never been performed before.


ATEEZ official said that ATEEZ, who is growing at such a fast pace, is expected to perform their song for the first time on TV.

“The social distancing period is getting longer and longer, and everyone is having a hard time. We prepared this song with the hope that all the fans and us will overcome this period well, so please check it out on today’s broadcast,” they said.


ATEEZ, having debuted in October 2018, has been ranked on the U.S. Billboard World Album Chart since the first week with their debut album ‘TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero,’ marking the emergence of a massive new rookie group.

Since then, ATEEZ has received positive responses not only from Korea but also from abroad, as they provide outstanding musical ability and explosive performances across various genres. In February, they kicked off their second world tour with the title ‘The Fellowship: Map The Treasure‘.


The group has performed in 15 cities around the world, including Seoul and other cities in the U.S. and Europe. At that time, the group, who had debuted for just a year and three months, reportedly attracted some 100,000 people with a single tour – the shortest period of time in the history of K-Pop.