It can be said that in the past years, besides the big male rookies such as TXT, AB6IX, all of which have good starting points, there is also a boy group debuting in late 2018 that has impressed the audience with their talents and music, it’s ATEEZ. ATEEZ does not come from a big company, all members have not been famous through survival shows, nor have any reputable support before debut, but ATEEZ’s achievements have been equally admirable, especially in the international music market.

ATEEZ is becoming more and more famous thanks to their outstanding talent.

ATEEZ has toured the world through a series of major cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam… and sold out tickets in just a few minutes. A rookie who debuted less than 5 months from a small company managing to organize a world tour and sell out tickets in minutes? Well, probably only ATEEZ can do that.

ATEEZ is a unicorn because of their rapid development. After the stage at MAMA 2019, fans believe that ATEEZ will become very explosive in the future thanks to their talent in all fields. ATEEZ is also the only rookie boy group to gain 200 million views on an international music platform. Having debuted less than 2 years ago, ATEEZ didn’t only receive the attention from the public, they are also very popular with many seniors and juniors. Below is a list of idols who are not hesitant to show their love for ATEEZ:

1. Eric Nam shared that ATEEZ is an outstanding group and completely different from other groups, he expressed, “If you are competing with a lot of groups, you really have to stand out. Maybe your appearance, maybe your character, maybe your performance… It does not matter but you have to be consistent, and this is why I think ATEEZ has a very bright future ahead. When I was surfing YouTube, I happened to see ATEEZ videos and I thought: ‘Wow! What a difference! There is something different about this group. They do things that other people can’t easily do. That’s what made me think about ATEEZ for the first time.
2. Taeyong (NCT) showed interest in ATEEZ’s song
3. Daehyun (B.A.P) shared on ‘Idol Radio’ that he was very impressed with ATEEZ and they made him think of B.A.P.
4. In an interview, L.E chose ATEEZ to be her favorite rookie group with compliments, “I watched their performance. They are very talented.”
5. ATEEZ Yunho shared that he was praised by his role model, DBSK Yunho, “I know you very well, Yunho” during a meeting backstage at M! Countdown. It can be seen that DBSK Yunho is also watching and being impressed by ATEEZ Yunho.
6. SF9 Inseong told fans in a radio show, “We promoted together with ATEEZ, so I had a chance to see their stage, you know the phrase ‘tear down the stage’ right? They practically destroyed it! They performed on stage so well that I was shocked.”
7. Teen Top Changjo posted an Instagram story listening to ATEEZ’s music, congratulated them on winning the music show and praised Jongho’s voice.