Fantagio Music, ASTRO‘s agency, made headlines by making a surprise release of ‘Identity Film: Wanna Be Your Star,’ a teaser of the group’s new concept, on their official YouTube and SNS channels.

The released video begins with six stars shining in space that reminds you of an eye. Another star coming down to the center of the six stars distributes its light to the other stars, which makes all the stars shine brighter. Six stars are then connected with motion graphics to complete the ASTRO logo, signaling the birth of a new identity, drawing attention.

The six stars in the Identity Film symbolized ASTRO’s six members, while another star sharing the light symbolized AROHA (ASTRO’s fandom). ASTRO, who has been shining more bright with the love they received from AROHA, metaphorically means that they will now share the light.


Fantagio Music said, “We have established a new identity for Astro. It contains Astro’s will to look back on the path they have taken since their debut, explore another path and grow. You’ll get a glimpse of these thoughts in the albums and songs that ASTRO will showcase in the future.”

Meanwhile, Astro has confirmed there comeback in May and is currently preparing for it.